Trail Services


PLEASE NOTE: All trails are Multi-Use. Please respect others rights-of-way!


The railroad portion of the trail is ONLY OPEN from January 5th – March 31st, therefore, ACCESS to FOOD is CLOSED except between these dates! The RAILROAD is ONLY OPEN when snow is present, unless otherwise posted. All services are in the Bartlett Village area, however, the trails to town, including in the Bartlett Experiemental Forest and along the railroad tracks, are CLOSED between 5pm and 9am.


The best parking is at either end of the Bear Notch Road. On the North end at the edge of Bartlett Village, just before the gate, there is a free parking lot on the left. Please park so that the maximum trailers can get in and out.

Parking at the South end:The parking area is on a plowed portion of Bear Notch Road a mile from the Kancamagus Highway. Do not block the turn around area and park only on the west side of the road. Some drivers don’t seem to ead signs and thus speed up the road, sometimes hitting the gate. The moral of this is watch out for speeding cars!

Trail Curfew:  The trails in the Bartlett Village area, including the Bartlett Experimental Forest and the railroad tracks, are CLOSED between 5pm and 9am or as otherwise posted!

There is no Gas on the Trails

Please be sure to fill up your snowmobile BEFORE you head out on the trail!!!

Watch for Moose!

Be prepared to encounter wildlife anywhere at anytime!