Current Trail Conditions – Grooming Report

General Information:

March 15: Another foot of snow in the hills guarantees riding into April! Grooming continues on an as needed basis, conditions should be great for the upcoming weekend.

Sawyer River is CLOSED FROM GATE TO GATE FOR THE SEASON. Forest Service personnel have deemed it unsafe for snowmobile traffic. Please respect this trail closure!

January 29: Effective immediately, access to Bear Notch road from the Bartlett Parking lot has been re-routed up the road and around the gate. Use CAUTION at the gate area.

These conditions are profided as apublic service to promote safe, responsible snowmobiling. Any funds raised are used for trail maintenance and club events. Conditions are always subject to change.
Trail NameGrooming StatusAdditional Information
Bear Notch RoadGROOMED
Albany Brook TrailGROOMED
Stanley Brook TrailGROOMED
Upper HaystackGROOMED
Meadow Brook TrailGROOMEDRob Brook Rd(Temporary 2017/18), bypasses Birch Hill now open.
Owl’s Cliff TrailUnmaintained, back country conditions.
Church Pond TrailGROOMED
Sawyer River TrailCLOSED FOR 2017-2018 SEASONCLOSED
North Fork TrailGROOMED
Neut’s Brook TrailGROOMEDGate to village open, access to services open
RailRoadUNGROOMEDUse caution at bridges and road crossings