Current Trail Conditions – Grooming Report


Conditions today are being listed as marginal.  


Groomer has been working Bear Notch Road, Albany Brook and Upper Haystack Trails to loosen surface. There’s a lot of ice up there.

Expect to see and feel a lot of ice, plan on travelling at a relaxed pace today. 

Again, please know that icy trail conditions have limitations, and ride within those limitations, not what you feel your level of talent is.

Did I mention the trails are ICY ?? There’s some ice up there.

Meadowbrook Trail is now CLOSED. Neut’s Brook Trail is now CLOSED.

Sawyer River, Church Pond, Birch Hill and North Fork now CLOSED.

These conditions are profided as apublic service to promote safe, responsible snowmobiling. Any funds raised are used for trail maintenance and club events. Conditions are always subject to change.
Trail NameGrooming Status
Bear Notch RoadOPEN ICY
Albany Brook TrailOPEN ICY
Upper HaystackOPEN ICY
Meadow Brook TrailCLOSED
Owl’s Cliff TrailCLOSED
Church Pond TrailCLOSED
Sawyer River TrailCLOSED
North Fork TrailCLOSED
Neut’s Brook TrailCLOSED
Birch HillCLOSED